Architects for the food sector

We create business buildings that support your operations and even help to optimise them – clean and functional on the inside, modern on the outside. A building customised to your needs and preferences down to the very last detail.

An intelligent design with taste

As architects for the food sector with hands-on expertise, we combine our technical background with a fresh, external perspective. This results in tasteful designs that fully meet the strict requirements of this sector, designs in which specific materials, smart space usage and creative details ensure an efficient, sustainable and (food-)safe working environment, one that is fully tailored to the flow of your business processes.

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Van Aerde
Remo Frit

Our promise

Higher returns
Satisfied employees
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architecten voedingsindustrie
architecten voedingsindustrie
architecten voedingsindustrie
architecten voedingsindustrie
architecten voedingsindustrie

How we approach your project

We take full responsibility for the entire project from start to finish. We provide a clear structure and detailed planning, so that you know exactly what to expect when. Thanks to crystal-clear communication and sparring sessions, you are kept up to date on all progress made.

Step 1
Needs analysis and preliminary design

Every project starts with an in-depth study of your project needs linked to a detailed analysis of the current business flows. We then use the results to develop a flow-based design that takes into account your people, goods, waste flows and future. Your feedback on our initial proposals forms the basis for a concrete plan in which we focus on the spatial and financial context, your business values and the well-being of all users.

Step 2
Environmental permit and preparations

Are we aligned? We then finalise the design, including the various production and technical installations that are essential for your company. All of this information is incorporated into an environmental permit application. In it, we devote considerable attention to the use of the right materials and requirements of specific spaces. Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector, we guarantee a sustainable building with a low total cost of ownership.

Step 3
Construction from A to Z

We monitor construction activities on your behalf from the very start to the final completion. This provides you with the comfort of not having to worry about the details, giving you time to focus on your core business.

GDesign Architecten
Where beauty meets purpose

You know that feeling when all the pieces are perfectly aligned, when everything serves a purpose and it is precisely therein that the beauty lies? And with a result that integrates both the future and sustainability. At GDesign Architects, that is always our goal with your project. We melt together architecture and functionality to create a building that fully meets your needs – and, above all, is a sight to behold.

GDesign Architects combines aesthetics and design with excellent internal flows
Luc Verhulst
Q-Food NV


Want to discover what GDesign Architects can do for you? Contact us for a no-obligation chat and we’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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