Land development? Site repurposing?

Getting the most out of developable land? Reconverting or repurposing buildings, old industrial sites, etc.? We determine the best possible use of and approach to the site and prepare an analysis focusing on feasibility, sustainability, profitability and your desires, as well as an emphasis on social engagement and in line with the needs of the surrounding area.

A sustainable approach to your land or site

We conduct a detailed greenfield or brownfield analysis with a focus on financial and economic feasibility, urban architecture, sustainability and social added value. We work independently and only explore concepts that agree with your agenda and, equally as important, are supported by the local authorities. The result is a study that provides a clear overview and serves an asset for a future sale and effective development. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the promoter market, we also support you with the marketing of your project.

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Our promise

Independent advice
Profitability and sustainability
Feasibility study and concept development

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How we approach your project

We take full responsibility for the entire project from start to finish. A clear approach and careful planning ensure that you know exactly what to expect from us when we scrutinise all the details of your greenfield or brownfield project.

Step 1
Familiarisation with the project and urban study

The first step is to learn more about your land or site and any ideas or preferences you may have in terms of reconversion. We then conduct an urban study that closely examines all of the aspects and challenges of the project.

Step 2
Environmental permit application

The next step is to explore possibilities that bring together people and nature, promote ecological connectivity and make a social contribution. The goal here is to determine which concepts align best with your objectives.


We also take care of all negotiations with the authorities with regard to zoning, mobility, and so on. We make sure your project is in perfect keeping with the surroundings and local needs.

Step 3
Environmental permit application

If desired, we can prepare the environmental permit application and financial budget estimate for you. If you are interested in selling to property developers, this gives you a significant advantage.

GDesign Architecten
Where beauty meets purpose

You know that feeling when all the pieces are perfectly aligned, when everything serves a purpose and it is precisely therein that the beauty lies? And with a result that integrates both the future and sustainability. At GDesign Architects, that is always our goal with your project. We melt together architecture and functionality to create a building that fully meets your needs – and, above all, is a sight to behold.

GDesign Architects combines aesthetics and design with excellent internal flows
Luc Verhulst
Q-Food NV


Want to discover what GDesign Architects can do for you? Contact us for a no-obligation chat and we’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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